There are nine playable races in this world.


Typical dwarfs


Typical elves


Typical gnomes


Rare among the slave races, they are the offspring of an elf and a human.


Rarest by far among the slave races, they are the offspring of a human and an orc. Most half-orcs die during birth and the few who are born into captivity don’t do well as slaves. They are found most often in the gladiator pits and are rarely found in other roles.


Typical halflings, they manage to find mischief even in life as a slave.


Typical humans, they are the jack-of-all-trades. Used as slaves in nearly every capacity.


The nekure have not done well as slaves, the few who retain a love for the wild are used as hunters and guides. Those who have thrived have a love for the urbane, working as scribes and cooks. The nekure are the most loyal of the slave races, having most of their fight culled out of them.


The uukri are unique as completely docile slaves. They speak very little, typically saying no more than two words at a time. An outside observer may think that the uukri have been drugged in some manner, so docile is their attitude. They are the largest of the slave races, standing eight feet tall and tipping the scales at over four hundred pounds.


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