Gods and Goddesses

In this world there are multiple deities, existing as a strange kind of tied together family.

Some religious only one god while others choose the god for them when it suits their needs. A sailor may pray to Fadmyr when first setting sail and then pray to Myrhad for clear skies.

The gods and goddesses are in chronological order.
Tuos – All that was and is.
Aamsaf – The firstborn and god of creation
Elyra – The goddess of life
Luoyan – The goddess of nature, woods and farms, fields and sky.
Myrhad – The goddess of the sky and the storms, twin to Sortak.
Sortak – The god of war and strength, twin to Myrhad.
Fadmyr – The goddess of the seas, and the wild chaos that is them.
Tielm – The god of knowledge, third born of Tous.
Kalkwas – The god of death and the afterlife.
Sihimaa – The goddess of magic and secrets.
Pelwas – The god of trickery and lies.

The Creation Myth

Tuos existed first. Tuos was all. Tuos slept.

Aamsaf crawled from Tuos’s back, emerging from Tuos as his own being. Aamsaf saw there was nothing. As Aamsaf sat, looking out at the nothingness, Elyra crawled from Tuos’s chest.

Elyra and Aamsaf were the only two, save the sleeping Tuos. They saw the nothingness together and began to fill it.

Aamsaf painted the stars in the blackness. Elyra gave them colors.

Aamsaf created the world. Elyra gave it life.

They surveyed their creation, pride filling them. Aamsaf and Elyra then joined Tuos sleep, sleeping in union.

Luoyan was the first to crawl from Aamsaf and Elyra’s union. She saw the life that Elyra had created and joined it, giving life its purpose and wildness.

Elyra awoke while Aamsaf continued to sleep the sleep of Tuos.

As she awoke Myrhad and Sotyak, the twins, awoke with her. They formed from the union as well and they joined Luoyan in exploring the world their parents had created. When their moods would sour, storm clouds darkened the sky and beasts fought with shrill screams of rage. When their moods were well, the sky was bright and clear and the birds sung in harmony.

Fadmyr was next; she crawled forth from Aamsaf’s sleeping body, the fourth of the union. She found the untouched wild of the seas and gave meaning to the chaos.

Elyra mourned over Aamsaf, his sleep seeming eternal. As her tears fell on him, they formed into Aurran. A child of this final union, he was all that was light and hopes. With him came cheer and gladness, he brought Elyra’s first laughter. He harnessed the sun in its place, causing life to flourish and grow.

Then Tuos stirred. When Tuos rested again, a new entity stepped forth, he was without a name until Elyra gave him Tielm. He was the most curious of her children, though in truth he was not hers. He found answers to any question the others could ask him, save for the sleep that Tuos and now Aamsaf shared.

It was during Tielm’s search for this answer that he found Kalkwas; another from Tuos he had found home in a dark edge of the nothingness. Here he had created a ghostly copy of all that was the world. As life faded from the world, it found new purpose here.

Aamsaf sept here as well, though here he would mumble in his sleep. Sometimes Aamsaf answered questions spoken to him. Elyra spent much of her time here, giving Kalkwas’s ghostly realm a little more life.

Then Sihimaa came into being, a tryst between Myrhad and Kalkwas had created her. Their union was one of secrecy and she was at first hidden with Tielm. Her time with Tielm brought her into his world of hidden knowledge and with this knowledge, she brought magic to the world.

It was in their second tryst of Myrhad and Kalkwas that Pelwas came forth. This union was one of even more trickery than Shimaa’s millennia earlier. Devious from his first breath, his tricks quickly notice from the others. The other deities both loved and hated Pelwas, often depending on which one of them he had just tricked.

Tuos began to fade away into nothingness, Aamsaf slowly awakening in turn. When Aamsaf awoke, he found himself tied to Kalkwas’s realm. His struggle to free himself from Kalkwas’s realm was mighty; only the others combined might was able to free him.

Together again, Aamsaf and Elyra looked out over all creation and were pleased.


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